Foam Shampoo

Product code 00612
Product despcription:
Alkali foam shampoo for use in do-it-self wash boxes. Has, with the help of a foam lance, a nice thick foam layer. Foam Shampoo is safe for the paintwork. Foam Shampoo is especially recommended in car-washes that don't have a prewash-program.

- Removes stubborn dirt;
- Fast acting and powerful.
- High foaming.

Usage and dosage:
Dilute, depending on the equipment (foam lance, compressed air and water) from 1:20 to 1:50.

Technical features:
Colour: Blue
Scent : Pleasently scented
pH-value concentrate: 12.0

Can 20 liter (20NA01)
Container 200 liter (8A)
IBC 1000 liter (9A)

Safety and storage:
For more information regarding storage, transportation and safety we refer you to the Safety Data Sheet.
Foam Shampoo
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